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ROOMS Pricelist

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2 person capacity, bathroom in corridor 100PLN
2 person capacity with bathroom 120PLN
3 person capacity, bathroom in corridor 150PLN
4 person capacity with bathroom 200PLN
4 person capacity, bathroom in corridor 160PLN

5 person capacity, bathroom in corridor


5 person capacity + bathroom



8 person capacity + bathroom


10 person capacity + bathroom



Summer houses pricelist

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Arizona house 220PLN
Coaster house 220PLN
Novella house 200PLN
Oxford house 220PLN
Torino house 220PLN
Willerby house 200PLN
    Summer house include:
  • hot water, electricity
  • saloon
  • ~2 bedrooms
  • bathroom
  • kitchen


Our offer includes:

  • There are available rooms for 1,2,3,4 persons
  • In summer time (circa Mai-September) we strongly encourage to book our summer houses!


additional details:
  • Our guest can arrive to Us by 18 no. bus line from railway station.
  • WiR Guest House has closed, free parking and free wi-fi internet
  • And moreover, at each etage we provide public kitchenette with fridge with:
  1. kettle
  2. micro oven
  3. cups, plates, etc
  • Individuals can prepare their own meals or order it by phone
  • Moreover, the nearest store is about 300 meters away
  • For groups of more than 4 people We can outsource delivering of meals for catering firm.

We welcome